If Disney Buys FOX, What Will It Mean for All Those Marvel & Star Wars Movies?


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Kids don’t usually give much thought to the studios behind their favorite movies and characters, but making sure they can keep watching the shows they love is likely a big priority. Disney is close to buying FOX and you might be wondering what that will mean for your family’s favorite shows.

If the merger between Disney and FOX goes through—and it’s looking pretty solid that it will—all of FOX’s film and television assets will be owned by Disney under a “new” FOX company, but it remains to be seen what that company will look like. Disney, who already owns Marvel, will see the Marvel Cinematic Universe expanded with the addition of the X-Men franchise as well as Deadpool and The Fantastic Four, which means the potential for more crossover storylines for future films.

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This also means there might be some changes to those edgier Marvel characters. Some are speculating that Disney, which is not known for releasing R-rated films, might try to water down some of those edgier Marvel characters, like the very much for-adults-only Deadpool. This could certainly be a good thing for younger viewers even if adult fans aren’t happy.

The Star Wars franchise, which is already wholly owned by Disney, should be untouched by this new deal. However, Disney’s recent announcements of several Star Wars spin-off series for its new digital streaming platform and a new season of Clone Wars could indicate what the future will look like for that full stable of Marvel titles.

Speaking of that Disney streaming service: the FOX maybe-takeover also begs the question of what will happen with all those FOX titles if they become part of the Mouse House. Chances are pretty good that everything under the Disney umbrella, including the new FOX acquisitions, will be part of the exclusive streaming platform. Just one more reason why families will find themselves adding yet another streaming subscription to their households by 2019.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


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