How to Make a Flower Bouquet with Only 3 Supplies

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It’s time to stop and smell the roses…or rather, tissue paper roses. We have the scoop on a super easy craft that requires only three supplies. Read on to find out how to create vibrant flowers sans soil, water or even sunlight!

You’ll Need:
Assorted color tissue paper
Pipe cleaners or wire





Step one: Choose what colors you want your flowers to be! We suggest choosing between 2-4 colors.


Step two: Cut your tissue paper into squares that are about 12 inches by 12 inches. For each flower you will want around 2 pieces of each color.


Step three: Stack your pieces of tissue paper. We alternated colors.

Step four: Fold your tissue paper stack like an accordion.

Step five: Once your tissue paper is folded grab it in the middle and twist your pipe cleaner or piece of wire to hold i tin place.

Step six: Use your scissors to trim the edges of your flower. You can cut it so it’s a triangle tip or rounded for a softer look.


Step seven: Hold your flower by the bottom pipe cleaner and begin to separate each of the tissue paper layers.


Step eight: Ta-da! You’re done! Try out different color combinations for a vibrant bouquet.


Do you have any tips or suggestions for this craft? Share your DIY flowers with us on social media by tagging #RedTricycle.

Copy by Erin Lem; photos by Christal Yuen