Dr. Google’s New Algorithm Aims to Improve Self-Diagnosis

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Photo: Google

We’ve all been there: It’s midnight and you’re Googling “small bumps on baby’s arm” or “round itchy rash.” Next thing you know, you’re trying to figure out whether you should rush to the emergency room immediately. After all, it might be “dermatitis” but it could be a flesh-eating bacteria.

Fortunately Google is improving its algorithm, so we can perform a better self-diagnosis (and hopefully stop worrying about throat cancer when all we have is a cold).

This new algorithm will give users a list of related conditions when they search their symptoms. It will also give an overview description for individual symptoms and include self-treatment options. Additionally, the medical terminology will be translated into simpler terms for us, non-health professionals, to understand.

So the next time you’re worried about your “child with ankle pain” a Google search will be a more helpful place to start.

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H/T: Mental Floss