Dr. Scary

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I recently changed health providers for my daughter to what I feel is a much better Dr., I now have her under the care of our Family Dr. and we love him. He’s been taking care of my husband since he was kid and we feel he’s pretty awesome. He is very patient and is really great with her. The problem as you can assume there is one is that she is completely afraid of getting a shot every time she goes. That is the main reason why I changed Dr., every time we took her in sick with her previous Dr. she would end up getting a shot. So now, she is under the belief that if she gets sick she’s going to have to go through that again. I took her in to her new Dr. this last week and I didn’t know what to do to make her feel better. She was so scared she just cried to whole drive over, the whole time while in the waiting room, and while we were in the room talking to the Dr. I held her, and tried to reassure her as much as possible, but not until the Dr. came in and finally told her that she wasn’t getting a shot did she finally calm a bit. I didn’t want to “bribe” her by telling her I would get her a toy, or some food she liked because, I feel like if I did that she would end up just crying like that every time we went knowing she could get something she wants.

Dealing with a situation like this is difficult because, one, there will be people looking at you and your crying child, probably assuming the worst about you. Two, you child is terrified and maybe even traumatized. Three, you as a parent have to be able to handle it all while trying to make your child understand that there is no threat.

How would you handle the above situation?