11 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs Without Dye

As much as we’re fans of the tried-and-true methods of Easter egg decorating, we like to think of new and creative ways to dress up our eggs in their festive best. Here are a few kid-approved egg decorating alternatives that stay away from colored food dyes while still offering up an hour or two of crafty fun.

Twine Eggs

With just a dab of hot glue and a little patience, these eggs from Landeelu go from drab to fab. Baker’s twine comes in a variety of colors, and the pattern of the twine has a cool effect when wrapped around the eggs. This process takes a little time and a steady hand, but just one look at the end result and you’ll see why it’s oh-so worth it.


How do you decorate your Easter eggs? Share your tips in a comment below.

— Scott Wardell and Susie Foresman


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