This Clever Easter Egg Hunt Hack Makes the Fun Accessible for All

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The mad rush of kids descending on a green lawn full of colorful, candy-filled eggs can be overwhelming for anyone, and especially so for those with disabilities. Thankfully, this clever Easter egg hunt hack makes the experience accessible for everyone.

Facebook page Noah’s Miracle shared an easy egg hunt hack a few years ago that has resurfaced again just in time for the Easter Bunny’s annual visit. The post, which has garnered thousands of likes, shares and comments, shows a simple setup of balloons tied around the plastic eggs.

As the post explains, this is the perfect way to make those egg hunts that usually require bending or squatting to grab eggs more accessible to anyone with special needs. All you need is a few helium-filled balloons and everyone can get in on the egg-citement!

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: silviarita via Pixabay



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