6 Dinnertime Egg Recipes You Should Try Tonight

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Easy, quick and nutritious recipes are the backbone of any happy family’s weeknight dinner routine. And egg-based recipes fit the bill for being high in protein and low in fat. From mini egg pizza to pasta bakes, these weeknight dinner recipes are satisfying, easy to prepare and call for those protein powerhouses—Eggland’s Best eggs as their main ingredient. Scroll down for yumtastic ideas.

photo: Eggland's Best

Mini Egg Pizza

You don't have to go to the local chic pizza parlor to get this upgraded take on your kid's favorite meal. Making it at home is quick, affordable and way easier than you think. Find out how to make your own here

Open-Faced Egg Sandwich with Avocado & Pesto

The trick to this hearty weeknight sandwich is getting your Eggland's Best eggs cooked perfectly. Find out how to do it here

photo: Eggland's Best

Veggie Pasta Bake

The addition of eggs to this classic pasta dish adds extra protein and gives it an added richness without any additional fat. Find out how to make this your new weeknight favorite here

photo: Eggland's Best

Vegetable Shakshuka

This traditional Middle-Eastern version of poached eggs gets a healthy upgrade with the addition of fresh veggies. Its unique combination of flavors make it the perfect weeknight meal to spice things up. Get the full recipe here

Quick Broccoli & Red Pepper Egg Bake

This super simple egg recipe has only six basic ingredients! It comes together in a snap, and the leftovers make a yummy breakfast the next morning. And it just might get your kids to eat a bigger serving of veggies, too. Click here for the recipe. 

photo: Anna Doogan

Easy Veggie Stir-Fry with Sesame Scrambled Egg

You'll never look at scrambled eggs the same after you try them with sesame sauce and veggies, but the best part is probably how quick this dish cooks up. Click here to get the step-by-step recipe. 


6 Dinnertime Egg Recipes You Should Try Tonight