5 Easy Recipes for Every School Night This Week

Don’t let meal planning get you down. We’ve rounded up some easy, kid-friendly meals to help get your family through the week. Dinner time is about to get a whole lot easier!

1. Monday: Oven-Baked Crispy Chicken
You don’t need to have a deep fryer on hand to make perfectly crispy chicken. Let the chicken brine for a few hours in the fridge before baking for maximum juiciness. To see the recipe from Marin Mama Cooks, click here.

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photo: Marin Mama Cooks

2. Tuesday: Korean Beef Bowl
This Korean-inspired dish by Ambs Loves Food comes together in less than half an hour using staples you probably already have in the pantry. Paired with steamed rice and broccoli, dinner will be served without breaking a sweat. Click here to get the recipe.

photo: Ambs Loves Food

3. Wednesday: Balsamic Roasted Vegetable Pasta
For an easy meatless meal, try this veggie pasta from The Vegan Year. It’s easy to switch up the ingredients to fit your family’s tastes, plus it’s super healthy. Grab the recipe by clicking here.

photo: The Vegan Year

4. Thursday: Rosemary Skillet Chicken
This herby chicken dish from Marin Mama Cooks is bound to be a hit with your whole crew. It takes 10 minutes to make the marinade in the morning, then cooks up quickly in the oven. To grab the recipe, click here.

photo: Marin Mama Cooks

5. Friday: Tuna Grilled Cheese
If the fridge is looking a little bare at the end of the week, keep things simple by whipping up a yummy grilled cheese with a twist from Blog Chef. An added veggie ingredient gives the sandwich some crunch. Click here to see the recipe.

photo: Blog Chef

Which of these recipes can you not wait to try? What does your weekly meal plan look like? 

— Susie Foresman


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