Eating Spicy Food Can Burn More Than a 100 Calories a Day

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photo: Pixabay

Kids don’t always gravitate towards spicy foods, but according the results of a new study, you might want to add the spice back to your own plate if you’re looking to burn a few calories.

A recent study found that eating spicy food can actually help you burn more calories than bland food. Participants in the study of both men and women were given either a placebo pill or a two milligram capsule of capsaicinoids, which is the element of chili peppers that gives them their spice. Each participant went through two blind test rounds, one for each type of pill. Researchers measured the metabolism levels after the pills were taken and found that those who were given the capsaicinoids, burned an average of 116 calories, while those with the placebo burned less than 10 calories on average. The researchers also observed that no side effects occurred with either the placebo or capsaicinoids.

While 116 calories might not lead to dramatic weight loss, it can definitely balance out a significant amount of your overall caloric intake per meal, without even moving a muscle.

Does your family like spicy food? Or do you have to kick it up a notch without the kids? Share your thoughts in the comments below.