Amazing Eco-Friendly Art Supplies for Your Next Masterpiece

Give your art supply stash a green makeover and you’ll not only ensure what your kids are working with is non-toxic, but also know the companies behind the products go the extra mile to be earth-conscious. Flip through the photo gallery to discover the best veggie-based paints, bee-crafted crayons, edible sidewalk chalk and more for your creative little artists.

Greener Glue

Move over, Elmer’s Glue! From now on we’re sticking to green paste. Le Petit Matisse's Natural Craft Glue is a handmade concoction comprised of organic gluten-free flour, water, sugar, citric acid, distilled vinegar and potassium sorbate.

Available at, $6.

Have you tried any of these eco-friendly art supplies? Share with us in a comment below!

— Beth Shea & Julie Seguss


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