Color Me House: The Eco-Friendly Playhouse

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Oh how the kiddos loved it when the new dishwasher arrived in that delightfully big box that provided hours of enjoyment. It was a house or fort or plane, and was so much fun to color on its walls (with no yelling from Mom!).

Portland Mompreneur April McCray’s kids so loved to make forts, she was inspired to create Color Me House – a children’s playhouse made of eco-friendly, recyclable, 2-ply cardboard that has no staples or sharp corners and can be decorated using everything from crayons, markers and paints to glitter glue, stickers and wallpaper scraps.

There are two styles: the House ($40; 35″ long by 27.5″ wide by 48″ high) and the Rocket ($50; 65″ high by 51 inches wide (fin to fin) by 32″ across). Both can easily fit 2 or 3 small children, depending on size, and are the perfect indoor-play antidote for rainy days.   As a winner of Dr. Toy’s Best Green Toy award, McCray’s mission is for kids everywhere “to reap the benefits of their own imaginations”…one cardboard structure at a time.