Epic Sledding Fails That Will Make You Never Hit The Slopes Again

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Sledding is a favorite pastime in the colder states during these winter months. What kid (or adult for that matter) doesn’t like zooming down a hill at full speed only to land in a pile of powdery white stuff? My guess is these next sledders will be hanging up their toboggans after these epic sledding fails.


This kid is catching some serious air here. My tail bone would be in pieces. Kids are seriously made of rubber.


He looks like something really big is about to go down. Duck and cover kid.


The dog’s face is my face anytime I do anything faster than the speed of walking.

sledding4Old sleds are only cute hanging on the walls of country cottages. That thing is about to be firewood.


Someone was trying to pose for a cute Instagram picture.


I can’t decide if this is the best idea ever…or the worst idea ever.


It is NOT a giant Frisbee.


How I feel just thinking about climbing back up the hill.


Here comes a face full of snow and Saran Wrap full of pee.

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