Winter Birding Hike

About this Event

Winter is a great time to spot both California brown pelicans and striking white pelicans along China Camp’s shoreline. What are the key differences between these two entertaining waterbirds? Aside from the color, the white pelican is much larger, boasting a nine-foot wingspan that makes the bird one of the largest in North America. The brown pelican, though smaller than its snow-white cousins, is hardly tiny, with it own impressive wingspan averaging six and a half feet from tip to tip.

Naturalist Jerry Coe will discuss these migratory birds and other species that we may spot on this month’s birding hike. Jerry will show us how to identify birds by shape, flight patterns, calls, and habitat. 

Pre-registration required. 


Sat., 1-22-2022
8-10 a.m.


China Camp state park
101 Peacock Gap Trl, San Rafael, CA 94901