Explaining a Move to a Toddler

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It’s no secret that my family has been traveling over the summer. As I’ve said before, since my husband has graduated from Tuck School of Business we set out to move to NYC. Well, that time has officially come. We were so lucky to find a place that we absolutely adore in Battery Park. Although the road was bumpy we officially have moved in and are eager to begin our NYC adventures. Last night as I thought about our crazy Summer, I realized the adjustments my son has had to have during this move. I actually wasn’t sure at first about how to tell him, show him, or even explain about our new home. Now that I have, I’m excited to give you a couple pointers on how to explain. Take my advice, and learn from my mistakes.

Alright, let’s begin…

Find A Book

This is the easiest for me. I love to find a book, episode of my tots favorite show to use as an example of a family moving. It gives him a visual example and he truly tries to be like the characters in his book.

Have Them Help

Packing is stressful, life is so much better when you have movers. Regardless, incorporate them in packing. Have a small box? Let them pack a box of their stuff. Toddlers love to help and even more to be independent. This actually wasn’t an option for my family. My toddler had meltdowns anytime his items were touched. He wanted everything to stay the same. In that case, skip to the next step.

Plan a Day For Them

Plan a day out for them with grandparents, your spouse, or someone they love spending time with. That way you can pack their stuff without them around. I recommend waiting until the very last second to pack their stuff. That way when explaining they will get it back, you won’t have to till right before you leave.

Show Them Pictures of Their New Home

If you can get any pictures of what the new house looks like definitely give them to your tot. That way when you arrive they will be familiar with it.

Unpack Their Room First

This was honestly the key. I unpacked my son’s room first. He was so excited to see all of his toys he was jumping up and down. This is special for them. I think this was the realization that we were actually staying in our new home.

Adjustments take time. Be patient and try different strategies to help your child. The end result will be a happy toddler with their new home. We can’t wait to begin our NYC adventures.

Cheers to moving!