Explore: A Trio of Queen Anne Parks

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We love a good thing. We especially love a good thing when it turns into three good things. That’s what happens when you have an outing along West Highland Drive in Queen Anne. First stop is Parsons Garden, a delightful spot where you enter through an iron gate and stroll the paths or have a picnic under the canopy of mature trees. (Once family-owned, the garden was donated to the city of Seattle in 1956.) Second stop is four blocks east to Kerry Park, which has one of the most stunning views of Seattle, complete with Space Needle, downtown and Elliott Bay. Once the littles have taken in the view (we know it won’t last long), go west of the viewing area down a few flights of stairs to the third stop, which is Bayview-Kinnear Park’s renovated play area. The community pitched in to spiff up this area,  and now it sports one of the city’s most scenic (and fun) play structures. Peace and quiet, great views, and all-out fun—these three parks really have something for everyone.