Family Uses Nothing but Reward Miles to Travel the World in Business Class

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photo: Global News

It’s one thing to take your family on a whirlwind adventure around the world. It’s another to do it in business class, but it’s truly legendary when you do it all for free. Which is exactly what one family of four is doing.

In just one year Pedro Pla and Grace Cheng managed to earn one million travel miles with their credit cards. Now they are traveling the world with their two kids, Ramses, 4, and Ranefer, 2, on the adventure of a lifetime. The family began their trip in January and have been to South Africa, Spain, Brazil and the Bahamas among several other countries, all in the comfort of business class.

If you’re wondering how they managed to rack up all those miles, the answer is simple: shopping. The couple used their reward credit cards for every single purchase over one year, from computers to cheeseburgers. Using the one million miles they racked up, they booked a six-month, round-the-world travel itinerary with the Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer program. A little trickier than simply turning in a few reward miles, the redemption process required some legwork, but several phone calls and emails later, they were set.

The couple explained to Global News that it’s all been worthwhile, “It’s been a joy to listen to our children talk about the places we’ve been to and watching their knowledge of the world grow and seeing their developing interest in different cultures, nature and geography. Most of all, the highlight of traveling with our toddlers is spending so much time with them and building our bond, while exploring the world together.”

Where have you traveled to using your reward miles? Share your adventures in the comments below.