This Little Girl’s Reaction to Meeting Serena Williams is Everything

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Getting to meet a major role model can be a pivotal moment in a kid’s life. But receiving a compliment from one is something they’ll never forget. One girl’s reaction to Serena Williams compliment will make your day.

Williams was giving a special talk to young girls who play in tennis clubs all over New York City. Hubby Alexis Ohanian was with her for the talk, which was also a promotional event for Williams’ new line of tennis gear. He happened to be filming at just the right moment and captured the sweet interaction between his wife and a young fan.

Posting the video on Instagram, Ohanian captioned it, “This young lady’s reaction is everything.” The video shows Williams complimenting one of her fans on a necklace she’s wearing. “I love your ’S’,” Williams tells the girl of the charm on her necklace.

“Thank you! I wear it just for you!” The young girl replies. Williams tells her it’s “so cute” and the ecstatic fan cannot contain her excitement. And really, could any one at that point?

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Serena Williams via Instagram



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