Farewell Pregnancy

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When I met my husband, the connection I felt to him was unbelievably strong. I remember the words that crossed my mind, “There he is”, as if time froze, I knew that feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before and my soul sprung out of my body. I’m sure it touched his, too. With the ever changing aspects of a relationship, the connection flickered and weakened every now and then, bringing us to this very day. Today, I am grateful for all the battles I have fought fervently to keep my soul contained in this beautiful vessel I call a body, so that I could grow and learn from every lesson, that, which is necessary to evolve.

Part of my growth was catapulted by four small beings with hearts so big, my heart feels wrapped and snuggled tight by theirs. My children are my greatest teachers and I am humbled by the grace that has placed them in my existence. How does one pull the plug on such a powerful vibration that brings forth the life of innocent witnesses to a love that feels passionate and pure? My love for the man that is a co-creator in this life with me is reflected in the faces of those small children I adore so much. When I became a mother for the first time, I had no idea how this journey would unfold, but one thing I did know, my life would be richly embellished, and I was right! My children have each come to point me in the direction of new potential, new perspectives, new beginnings and an even more powerful self-love. My love tank is full to the brim, and putting an end to procreation may force me to withdraw from the overflow.

Whatever the outcome, I must come to terms with this unsettling notion, that in fact, it’s time to allow myself to close that chapter and focus on the opportunity to lose myself in the love I have for my husband and children, and most importantly, the love I have for myself. Today, I am part of an abundant field of energy that increases and expands my life’s potential. I have faith that everything is working out, so I bid adieu to motherhood’s pre-natal journey, and embrace with an open heart, a gestational period of positive parenthood raising soulful children to become soulful adults. Farewell round bellies, tiny feet fluttering in my womb and life force pushing me beyond my physical limits to bring forth a tiny body into existence. Farewell pregnancy, I am moving on to tiny voices echoing in my hallway and boisterous energy vibrating all around me everywhere I go. The journey is only beginning.