5 Reasons Relay Should Be the First Phone Your Kids Own

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As our little ones grow and gain the freedom that comes with going off to school, pursuing activities, and playing with friends and without us, we still want to know where they are and that they’re safe. The Relay device is a screen-free option for when we want to communicate with our children, but we aren’t ready to hand them a smartphone. Part phone, part walkie-talkie, part GPS tracker, read on to learn more about the benefits of Relay (they’ll all add up to your peace-of-mind).

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1. Screen-free functionality means screentime stays in check.
What age is best to give your kids a smartphone? While it’s up to every family to decide what and when to introduce when it comes to tech, this is one question you may be able to delay with Relay. Its push-to-talk button is easy for kids ages 6 and up to use (just like a walkie-talkie), while its simple, durable design minimizes added screentime.

2. GPS tracking means you always know where they are.
While the Relay device isn’t a smartphone, it’s functionality works directly with your smartphone. With the Relay app, you can see your child’s location in real time, anytime. The device easily clips to kiddo’s backpacks, bikes and clothing, while you can also talk to a Relay from your smartphone, making it convenient for everyone.

3. Geofencing means you set the limits.
Relay gives you boundary control. You can set safe zones and receive notifications when your child enters or leaves a zone. With nationwide 4G LTE coverage and WiFi settings, you won’t have to worry about cellular dead zones either.

4. Alerts means your kids can always reach you.
We especially want to be able to reach our kids in case of an emergency—and we want them to have that ability, too. With their Relay, your child can send SOS alerts in an event of an emergency.

5. Extra features mean there’s still plenty of fun.
You can add extra channels, just like apps. With chat channels, kids with other Relays can communicate. With translation channels, they can learn words in another language or two (up to a dozen) while they’re on the go. There are also joke-of-the-day, voice-changing, daily weather and music upload features. Plus, the Relay comes in three fun colors. Roger that!

Special offer for Red Tricycle families: Save 15% on Relay now through November 23, 2019! Click here to learn more.

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini

all photos courtesy of Relay