The “Captain Marvel” Trailer Has Dropped & Brie Larson Is Absolutely Marvel-ous

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If the end of The Avengers: Infinity War left you craving for more superhero awesomeness, the wait is over: the first trailer for Captain Marvel is here! The newest flick in the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars Brie Larson in the titular role and its March 2019 premiere can’t get here soon enough.

Whether you’re a total fangirl or you’re just super into ’90s nostalgia, this trailer definitely proves this movie is totally for you. After getting a glimpse of Captain Marvel’s costume in the Sep. 7 issue of Entertainment Weekly, fans were primed and ready for an even longer look at the upcoming film. And now, here it is:

The new trailer kicks off with Larson as Air Force pilot Carol Danvers crashing into a Blockbuster Video with the most ’90s intro a film could ever get. We also get a sneak peek look at Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury—with both eyes in his pre-eye patch days. Along with Larson and Jackson, Captain Marvel also stars Gemma Chan, Annette Benning and Jude Law.

Captain Marvel marks a historic departure from Marvel’s other standalone superhero films, wherein a super heroine finally gets her own solo film. Hopefully Captain Marvel will enjoy some of the same superheroic success found in D.C. Comics’ Wonder Woman film and star Gal Gadot.

In addition to the film’s first trailer, Marvel Studios also dropped the powerful first movie poster for Captain Marvel with the tagline, “Higher. Further. Faster.” We have no idea what that tagline means, but bookended with the movie trailer, fans are going to be in for one exciting ride with Larson at the helm.

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The new Marvel movie heads to theaters on Mar. 8, 2010.

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