Flame-Free Ways to Light It Up on Candle Day

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Want to celebrate World Candle Day without playing with fire? Read on for three activities that are as safe as they are fun.

1. Birthday Candle Bowling
Leave it to Crayola to dream up an awesome candle activity that is equal part game, equal part art session. Get the bowling tutorial from Crayola by clicking here.


photo: Crayola

2. Practice Your Counting
For your littles who are learning their numbers, take a dice and a handful of birthday candles (other candles work great, too). Have your kiddo roll the dice and then count out as many candles as the number you rolled. For older kids learning arithmetic, use two dice and your kids can practice their addition.


photo: sleepishly via flickr

3. Carve It Up
Make your candle a canvas by carving designs with a skewer. Indietutes has the 411 on this fun activity.


Which flame-free candle activity would your kids like? Tell us below!