Your enthusiasm at the farmers market got the best of you and you’ve returned home with heaps of peaches, tomatoes and zucchini that were just too good to pass up. Easily transform your seasonal haul to kid-friendly eats with these ideas from some of our favorite food bloggers. They dished to us about their choice farmers market finds and seasonal recipe picks. Flip through the photo gallery and get cooking.

Amy – The Family Chef

Produce Pick: Apples

As a mom of two young kids (and with over 25 years of cooking experience under her belt), Amy uses her vast culinary experiences to create easy family-friendly recipes that are delicious and nutritious. She dished to us about her love of apples at the farmers market, "Maybe it's from growing up in upstate New York but apples to me epitomize fall, even now living in Northern California. We love apples because they are not only healthy but so versatile. I use them for everything from cinnamon apple muffins to sliced apples with almond butter to fruit crisp made with apples. All of these items are easy to adapt to gluten- and dairy-free, which is how we have to eat. Choose Braeburns for almost any use (eating or baking). Some people (like my son) love to eat Granny Smiths but I prefer them for baking. Red Delicious are better for eating. Jonagold are my favorite right now for eating with Fuji in second place. If you are not sure, ask your farmer or take a bite of a sample; it's the beauty of the market."

And, once apple season arrives she "loves this crisp recipe because you can use any fruit which is in season. If you don't have access to berries, it's ok to use frozen. Some berries will still be in season in the fall." Not gluten-free? Simply sub in all-purpose flour for the GF flour and regular oats for the GF.

Click here to find Amy's fave crisp recipe. Don't forget to visit for more recipe ideas.

What’s your favorite farmers market find? And, do you have a great recipe that goes along with your seasonal produce pick?

– Erin Lem

all photos courtesy of each blogger

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