3 Footprint Art Ideas That Are Easier than Walking

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It’s National Go Barefoot Day! If you haven’t gotten your feet wet yet, why not paint them? Check out these easy footprint art ideas that require the simplest of art supplies.

Alligator Footprint Art
A little green paint, a black marker and one googly eye and violá! It’s that easy to make an alligator out of your own two feet. Make the shape of the alligator’s mouth by letting the toe prints cross over each other. Then use the black marker and eyes to create the full face. Need more help? Get the full tutorial over at Crafty Morning.

Fluttering Footprint Art
This simple pattern can be done by painting the top half of your little one’s feet. Angle the print by making the tiniest V with your feet and then pressing down onto your paper. Mimic the pattern on the other side to create the illusion of wings. Then paint the butterfly’s body whatever color you please.

L-O-V-E Footprint Art
Make a V with your feet and what does that spell? Well, nothing until you add letters before and after it. Play around with your kids’ to test their spelling skills or create some fridge-art with the letters L-O-feet-E.

Got any other ideas for easy footprint art? Share it in the Comments below!