From CEO to MOM

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Transitioning from work life to mom life has been such a growing experience for me and it is something that I truly believe is not addressed enough. After my last post about ‘Redefining Yourself,” I learned that so many women are going through the same struggles as I am and to be honest it was a complete relief.

Since the word CEO flowed a little better than DOS (Director of Sales – my previous job) we are going to run with CEO, who really cares anyway. The reality is the transition from a J-O-B to that of the role of M-O-M I think spans over a wide spectrum, no matter how high you were up the corporate ladder you are talking about a complete 180 transition in life.

From the moment you find out you are pregnant your life begins this transition. At this point you have multiple conversations with yourself (or at least I did). Pumping yourself up, “I can do this,” “You only have to cut out alcohol for nine months,” “Once the baby gets here you will maintain your work life and balance it all,” “Best wife (or girlfriend),” “Best mom,” “Career focused and driven.”

Raise your hand if you said any of those things during your pregnancy?!?!

I also slept a lot, ate a lot, slept even more and then went on to have the most excruciating back pain  and was put on bed rest 30 days out from my due date. Slowly all those things you were telling yourself throughout the pregnancy have begin to revert, backfire, shoot you straight in the face.

I went back to work after six weeks. That was stupid, but it had to be done. Thankfully a few months later I found an opportunity and with the support of my boyfriend where I was able to work from home.

It was funny in those 3-4 months I worked 40 hours per week, I had a schedule, a plan and I didn’t veer off that plan. It was in the months after where I had more flexibility and less schedule that I found myself really struggling. Struggling because I wanted to grow my business, build a community of BAD moms, work from home and be a BAD Ass mom and girlfriend that did it all.

It was in those days I couldn’t get any work from home done, went days without showering and at times never left the house because you are just overwhelmed and invested in housework, my dog, baby and life.

I have a pretty bad diagnosis of ADD, compiled with a vision and mindset of a CEO and being “trapped” at home with my beautifully perfect 8-month-old daughter. I came to a tipping point.

The tipping point came from disagreement with my SO (significant other – lol my BAD Moms will appreciate) and explaining to a man what you go through dealing with a 8 month old 24/7 – “they will never understand” is a common theme I hear from other moms and friends. But one thing he did say that lit a little fire under my ass was that I have the capability to change my circumstances and whatever I need support in, I have access to be supported. He is amazing by the way – even though we have our arguments they always end in good.

Since this moment we have 410+ members in our group, I am working on some cool retail opportunities for this and am genuinely excited about things again.

I always correlate everything to the service industry – when a restaurant is slammed, you are much more likely to get better service. Servers are on their A game. When a restaurant is slow you more likely to get a forgetful server – or at least that was me. I never made mistakes when I had 30 people waiting for me to service their every need, but when I had just one table – all hell broke loose.

I have two people depending on me right now my daughter and my boyfriend. I have been forgetful, lost and haven’t been myself. Well not anymore, but it was going through that transition and learning other people struggle and hearing that I am not alone that got be back on track.

A new mom of a beautiful baby girl, Kaialani Hope. I am redefining who I am and sharing my story as I evolve into this new role as a mom.