Who Needs a Real Farm When You Have These Easy Farm-Fresh Projects?

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Where’s a good place to unearth a few natural craft supplies? Why, the farm of course! From wool and milk jugs to corn and feathers, we plowed through the web for crafts that’ll extend your farm field trip—Old MacDonald would totally approve. Scroll down to find the cream of the crop.

milkjug2_nikkiwalshphoto: Nikki Walsh

 1. Wildly Woolly Lamb
A handprint craft with a barnyard bent? Just dip your little lamb’s hand in washable black paint, make a print, add googly eyes, and wool for this un-baa-lievably adorable idea. Skedaddle over to Meet the Dubiens for the how-to.

cornhuskddoll_pinkstripeysocksphoto: Leslie Manlapig via Pink Stripey Socks

2. Charismatic Corn Husk Doll
Hay! Your little peeps will be all ears and simply a-maized at how easy this corn husk doll is to make. Materials? Corn husks, twine or string, and a sharpie. We tractor-ed down a tutorial from Leslie, shuck here.

featherpainting_notimeforflashcardsphoto: Allison McDonald via No Time For Flashcards

3. Fancy Feather Painting
Art time can be as easy as a duck taking to water. Farm feathers paired with paint, paper, tray and tape let your little birds find their inner Picasso. Creativity courtesy of Allison at No Time For Flashcards.

indiancornpainting_thingstorememberandsharephoto: Stacy Ransom via Things to Share and Remember

4. Corn-y Art
Roll with a little messiness on this colorful creation. Pluck field corn, add orange, brown, and yellow paint, and let your little farmhand get to it! Find the full scoop by clicking here.

eggshell_gshellerphoto: Ginny Sheller via Small Things

5. Egg-citing Mosaic
No yolking, this project is fun! Upcycle eggshells with food coloring, glue, and cardboard (A small set-up time required.). Go here to find the instructions from craft creator Ginny.

milkjug_nikkiwalshphoto: Lindsey Boardman via Alpha Moms

6. Mooo-ving Window Décor
Who knew that markers, cut-up milk jugs, and small suction cups were so udderly artsy? We are deeply moo-ved by Alpha Moms window décor. For detailed direction go here.

mudprints_handsonaswegrowphoto: Jamie Reiner via Hands On As We Grow

7. Mud Murals
It’s messy, but we’ll bet the farm your little one will dig mud art. You need dirt, water, and cardboard (plus an outdoor space!). Pop on over to Hands On As We Grow  where mom Jaime directs us in these muddy matters.

cornhusksun_sparklingbudsphoto: courtesy Sparkling Buds

8. Aww, shucks!
Your little sunflower can create something new under the sun by re-purposing corn husks shucked from the field. Add a little sunshine with tempura paint, paper, husks and glue. This clever idea came from Dhiyana at Sparkling Buds.

milkjugwateringcan_myfrugaladventurephoto: courtesy My Frugal Adventures

9. Wonderful Watering Jug
We love the colorful ca-moo-flage on this milk jug. All you’ll need is sharpies, imagination, and parent participation to make a wonderful watering can for your little gardener. Gather your supplies and follow Charlene’s know-how at My Frugal Adventure.

veggiestamp_buggyandbuddyphoto: Chelsey Marashian via Buggy and Buddy

10. Veggie-tastic Art
Let them play with their veggies (maybe they’ll eat more too!). Grab green paint, chop a flat surface on celery, brussels sprouts (or other pulled up crops), then stamp and stomp until the cows come home. Artful inspiration from Chelsey over at Buggy and Buddy.

What’s your favorite fresh from the farm craft? Share it with us in the comments below.

—Nikki Walsh