Ride On! 15 Fun Ways to Take a Ride Today

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When it comes to cruising, kids have no shortage of options. Since we’re celebrating Take a Ride day, we’ve got a list of different ways to go for a seriously cool spin. From wagons to scooters to a leisurely drive, scroll down to get inspired.

wheelbarrow kids photo: laughingboyottawa via flickr 

1. Feeling wacky? Try a unicycle. It’s incredibly challenging, especially on the abs!

2. Ride a pony or a horse. If these aren’t practical, try  a spin on your favorite local carousel or a rocking horse.

3. A teeter totter. Do any playgrounds have these left?

4. Nothing says “cute” and “ride” like a kid on a scooter. Watch ’em go!

5. When in doubt, try something you probably have on hand: a wheelbarrow. We recommend an adult be present for this one!

CRDT-kidsseason-4, winter, sleddingphoto: Tony Fischer via flickr

6. Ride a parent’s knee. What could be easier (unless your kid weighs more than 50 lbs.)?

7. A skateboard. How cute! Little ones can ride it sitting.

8. Go beyond the regular commute or errand running and take a car ride somewhere scenic.

9. Got snow? Ride a sled, a saucer or an inner tube.

kids in wagon photo: Kurt & Sybilla via flickr

10. Take a bus, subway or train across town or to the next town and back. Or hit up a miniature railway. In a pinch? Try the Cardboard Box Express, departing now from your hallway.

11. Sail the seas, row a boat, paddle around or just pretend the tub is about to embark on an aquatic adventure around the world.

12. Load them up into a wagon. As a bonus, you can add a picnic lunch and “ride” to the nearest park.

kid on red tricycle photo: Emma Forsberg via flickr 

13. Be it a skoot, a child’s seat on mom or dad’s bike or their very own wheels, all bikes are cool.

14. If you’re feeling adventurous (and have a fair or local amusement park nearby) how about riding a roller coaster, Ferris wheel, go-karts or bumper cars?

15. And last but not least, ride a tricycle. (Our personal favorite). It need not be red, but, well. You know. 

What’s your favorite ride? Let us know in the comments below. 

—Amber Guetebier



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