Funniest Tweets of the Week: Apr. 12, 2019

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You made it––another week in the books! Whether you had an easy week getting everyone back to school after Spring Break or you barely made it through by the skin of your teeth, why not reward yourself with a batch of funny tweets? Keep reading for our roundup of the funniest things parents had to say on Twitter this week.


1. Just prepping for a summer of “look at me!”

2. Any.THING.

3. Works every time.

4. Dang you Kroger for moving the bread aisle!

5. Nope.

6. WHY!?

7. We’d go.

8. 🤷

9. No, it won’t…

10. Greeeaaaat.

––Karly Wood


photo: Ryan McGuire via Gratisography; composite by Karly Wood for Red Tricycle