20 Hilarious Memes All About Being a New Mom

What’s that you say? Being a mom of a newborn isn’t what you expected? In the spirit of full disclosure (and in total allegiance), we’ve pulled together 20 funny memes that perfectly sum up life as a new mom. Keep reading to check out these hilarious mommyhood cliff notes—complements of those who’ve gone before you. Stay strong.

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As long as it gets the job done...


Solid job, team. You made it another week closer to sleeping through the night. 

Word to your mother. 

And you're going to take ALL the selfies that day. #latergrams

Seems alright to us. 

Not always. Just ... always. 

Shake-n-bake, baby. Shake. N. Bake. 

Hey. At least you opened the oven. 

Total. Exhaustion. But how does his hair looks so good? Ours never really flows that way in the morning. 

And they were amazing. All 40 of them. 

Pimpin' ain't easy, but somebody's gotta do it. 

Who needs a ball to go to when you've got 30 minutes to hit Target, the cleaners and the grocery store? 

No, really. Like, NEVER. You'll never sleep in again. 

But at least they're your good pair. 


You go, Mama! 9 months on, 9 months off. 

There has to be a better way! They're so tiny!

What? We look GREAT. 

Sorry, not sorry. 

So. Hungry.


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—Shelley Massey



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20 Hilarious Memes All About Being a New Mom


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