Fussy Baby? Maybe It’s Time to Go Goat!

There are so many choices new parents need to make, and what to feed their baby is no exception. It can be trial and error when it comes to finding the right formula and tummy troubles can make for one cranky babe. Not sure why your baby is fussing with feeding? It could be a cow milk sensitivity.

Cue Kabrita USA, and their line of gentle goat milk-based toddler formula and foods as an alternative to the norm, because let’s face it: what is normal, anyway? Kabrita products are based on naturally easy-to-digest goat milk. Goat milk protein is gentle on tiny tummies, so it’s great for babies and toddlers. Just like traditional formula, their toddler formula is fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals (along with DHA), giving children nutritional insurance and parents assurance. Read on to learn more about Kabrita’s all-natural, science-backed products and why they may be the feeding solution your family needs!

Interested in going goat? Kabrita offers an excellent try-before-you-buy program that includes toddler formula, porridge, puffs and $19 in coupons—all you have to cover is shipping!


Goat Milk Is Great

Goat milk has always been a bit of a trade secret among parents and is known for its naturally easy-to-digest properties. Kabrita has harnessed goat milk’s gentle benefits into its line of goat milk foods, designed for babies and toddlers.

Compared to cow milk, goat milk protein forms a smaller, softer and looser curd in the tummy, leading to quick and easy digestion. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is an option for little ones with cow milk consumption symptoms, or cow milk sensitivity.

Wait, different types of milk are digested differently? Yep. We were surprised, too! Don’t worry, you can learn about the essential differences in milk digestion here.

Going Beyond Formula

Kabrita offers a gentle goat milk-based Toddler Formula, ideal for weaning or supplementing, for little ones with symptoms related to cow milk consumption.

They also offer nutrient-dense, goat milk-based porridges—available in multigrain and apple cinnamon flavors. This cereal is easy on the tummy, packed with nutrition and is delicious, making it an ideal first food. There are even goat-cheese Snack Puffs. These toddler-sized puffs pack a big crunch and are made for snacking on the go!

For Moms, By Moms

We love trailblazers: Kabrita USA is disrupting the formula category with a new option for parents!

Kabrita USA is 100% women run and led by moms. Their mission is to empower parents to nourish their children with confidence. They strive to add value to their community through a commitment to education, transparency and supportive communication. Say it with me: MOM POWER!


Interested in going goat? Kabita offers an excellent try-before-you-buy program that includes toddler formula, porridge, puffs and $19 in coupons—all you have to cover is shipping!


 —Jamie Aderski



Disclaimer: Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula and Foods are not suitable for children with diagnosed cow milk protein allergy.




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