Gardening Could Get Easier With This Weeding Robot

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Video: Tertill via Kickstarter

Love having a garden but hate weeding? Well, the guy who created Roomba is back with a robot that will do it for you. Tertill is cute, toxin-free, solar powered, and it comes with a cool app.

Tertill patrols your garden much like Roomba cleans your floor, but it’s made to kill weeds. It selects them by their small size, bypassing taller plants (if your plants are still small, you place a small “collar” around them that Tertill will avoid.) When it finds a weed, the rotating nylon cord snips the invader close to the ground. If the weed grows back, Tertill snips it again until it dies away.

Tertill’s wheels are angled and grooved to actually till the soil, so cuttings from the weeds return natural nutrients to your garden. Its four-wheel-drive keeps it going over bumps, and it regulates its energy use based on sunlight. You can also use its app to check on what it’s been doing and the conditions in your garden. And it’s waterproof, so all you need to do is put it in your garden and turn it on.

Tertill has met its Kickstarter goal, so get in on the ground floor, and check the Franklin Robotics site for upcoming news.

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