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Babies enter the world with the softest, most supple skin that no magic moisturizer could ever grant an adult. While their precious new skin is indeed silky smooth, it’s also just as delicate and permeable, making it much more susceptible to rashes, bumps and dryness.

When taking care of your baby’s delicate skin in the first year, introducing hypoallergenic and dye-free products is key. That includes the detergent you use to wash their clothes–especially since you’ll be going through a lot of outfits.

This makes doing laundry all the more important. So to help you tackle your next wash day free of worry, we teamed up with moms Steph Joy Bae of @happy baes and Chelsi Lovos of @raisingwolvesss_ for tips and tricks on what to look out for in a baby detergent and how to get yourself organized.


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1. Choose a Baby Detergent That's Free of Phosphates, Dyes & More

With baby skin being as delicate as it is, a detergent that prioritizes removing tough stains while remaining gentle on the skin is key. For both Bae and Lovos, the new Arm & Hammer Baby laundry detergent does exactly that.

Formulated with pure Arm & Hammer baking soda, the detergent is pediatrician-tested, hypoallergenic and free of preservatives, phosphates and dyes. Plus: it’s EPA Safer Choice Certified to have safer ingredients.

“I’m a huge detergent scent person and the “Cuddly Clean” just makes you want to cuddle your baby all the more,” says Bae, a mother of two little girls.

To get your hands on this all-new product, visit your local Walmart.

2. Stay On Top of Wash Days

It’s tough being a parent while simultaneously managing a household. To help keep you sane–and not overload your laundry room–tackle wash days as often as possible, especially when your baby has an accident since there will be many of those.

“Wash after a diaper blowout,” advises Lovos. “It happens one to two times a week, so washing right after keeps the load low.” 

For smaller items, Lovos adds that tossing them into a mesh bag can help you from losing them. R.I.P. to all of those teeny, tiny socks that have gotten lost in the washer or dryer!

3. Teach Your Older Children to Help

A busy mom to four children, Lovos has her hands full and her laundry days cut out for her. Fortunately, her big kids are a huge help and have been assisting her by folding their clothes.

Don’t be afraid to assign your kiddos small tasks around the house, whether it’s to gather all the laundry from each room, sort the clothes by colors or carry their folded clothes to their room.

Head to your local Walmart for Arm & Hammer Baby laundry detergent that’s a trusted addition to your laundry arsenal.

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