Giggle Parenting is Apparently Legitimate, and You Might Love It

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Kate Orson, a Hand in Hand parenting instructor and proponent of Giggle Parenting, gets stressed-out, too. One time her two-year-old daughter absolutely refused to get dressed. Despite seeming to want to go outside, whenever Orson tried to put clothes on her little one, she would wiggle and run away. Reasoning with the toddler didn’t work either. So what’s a parent to do?

Giggle Parenting is Orson’s answer. Laughter releases stress, lowers blood pressure, stimulates endorphins and helps parents and children connect. That connection leads to cooperation.

Orson points out that sometimes kids have feelings they can’t verbalize that overcome their cooperation. For example, if they “make a dash for it” when you get out their pajamas, it’s a sure sign they have energy to work off. Interacting with them playfully for a short time can help transition into quiet time. They may even sleep better, both because laughter releases melatonin, the sleep hormone, and because they feel good.

So what did she do to get her kiddo to get dressed? She put the socks on the toddler’s hands and the trousers on her head. While they laughed together, Orson dressed a teddy bear in the clothes and pretended to mistake him for her daughter. After a few minutes of this, her child was trying to dress herself.

What do you think of Giggle Parenting? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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