6 Glow-in-the-Dark Science Experiments to Try Tonight

Calling all mad— we mean mom—scientists (and daring dads, too)! Try these six glow-in-the-dark science experiments for kids after the sun goes down: we promise they will light up your night. Click through the slideshow to get the details.

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Photo: Orin Zebest via flickr 

Glowing Bicycle Spokes

If you're looking for a fast fix on fun, snap a few glow sticks and affix them to the spokes of a bike. When it gets dark, turn the kiddos loose on their wheels and enjoy an eerily dazzling light display. If you want to up the creativity quotient, try rearranging the glow sticks to make new patterns. Just remember to attach them well, as they have a way of taking flight!

The Science Lesson: Sensory Memory
Riddle us this: why do the three or four glow sticks you affixed to the bike spokes give the appearance of one solid line while the wheels are spinning? It's not because you're seeing the trailing lights from the glow stick. You are experiencing something known as iconic memory, which is sensory memory—or the shortest term memory you have—that allows your mind to store an image for the few moments your brain needs to process what it has seen.

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—Shelley Massey



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