18 Festive Holiday Gifts for $25 & Under

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Got a huge list of family and friends to shop for this year? If you’re looking to not break the bank this holiday season, our list of gifts for $25 and under is here to save the day. From soothing bath bombs for moms to LEGO kits for kids, our list of gift ideas has a little something for everyone—on the cheap.

For Kids

LEGO® Creator Mighty Dinosaur

$12   BUY NOW

Always a popular choice for holiday gift-giving, this LEGO set is a 3-in-1, which means your master builder can make a T-Rex, a Pterodactyl or a Triceratops.

Mod Clip String Lights

$20   BUY NOW

Bring back printed photos with this fun string of clip lights that can set the mood in your kids’ space.


Bluey Family Figures

$15   BUY NOW

Kids love Bluey! This four-pack includes the title character and her family: Bingo, Bandit and Chilli.

Corner Crush Game

$16   BUY NOW

It’s like Connect Four with an edge—literally. Drop your tokens into the different sides of the tower, using the corners to trick other players. The first one to create a line of four wins!

Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set

$17   BUY NOW

This kit has 10 tools and molds, two pounds of Kinetic Sand (including rare black sand) and will entertain kids of all ages for hours.

Glowing Bath Time Cubes

$20   BUY NOW

These unique bath toys glow when they're wet and turn off when the water is all gone!

Creatto: Moonlight Elephant Safari

$10   BUY NOW

This 3D building kit comes with 40 pieces and a set of 20 LED lights. The design possibilities are endless!

Women in Art Book

$17   BUY NOW

This illustrated book features 50 female artists your kids should know about.


$14.50   BUY NOW

A sweet little game for Pre-K kids that'll have them working on numbers and matching skills.

Outer Space Explorer Happy Pack

$15   BUY NOW

Astronauts love artsy stuff too! This pack of goodies has erasers, pencils and stacking crayons.

Purse Pets

$25   BUY NOW

A hot toy for the 2021 holiday season! There are over 25 sounds and reactions in one of these friends.

For Parents

Jungalow’s Kaya Striped Ceramic Cups

$20   BUY NOW

These cheerful tumblers come in four colors and can be used for everything from your morning coffee to happy hour drinks.

Pure Vida Raw Gemstone Stud Earrings

$18   BUY NOW

You can pick from five different gemstones: Moonstone, Amazonite, Rose Quartz and Turquoise.

Pure Wine Silver Wine Wand

$20   BUY NOW

Be able to drink wine and not get a headache? YES, PLEASE!

Monogrammed Cord Keeper

$14   BUY NOW

Give your home organization a personal touch with this handmade leather wrap.

Window Plant Pod

$25   BUY NOW

These cool planters attach to a window so your herbs or plants will get plenty of sun.

Thistle Farms Bath Bomb

$8   BUY NOW

Not only are each of these made with essential oils and Epsom salts, but when you buy from Thistle Farms, you are helping to support healing for women who are victims of addiction, prostitution and trafficking.

Milk Bar Cookie Tin

$22   BUY NOW

Get six of the iconic cookies in this tin that is perfect for holiday gifts.

––Gabby Cullen with Karly Wood

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