Think Outside The Candy Box with a Green Halloween Party

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This is a guest post from our friends at Green Halloween® who hope to inspire YOU  
to think outside the candy-box®  offering fun, healthy, affordable, not-too-time consuming ideas that will support your goal of creating a Halloween that is happy and healthy for your kids and the planet we all share. Be sure to visit their website for more great tips and information.

Thinking about ways you can make your Halloween celebrations a little greener this year? Here is an earth friendly alternative party idea that is sure to make the planet and your little ones happy.

Whether buying food, treats, treasures or prizes for your Green Halloween party, thinking green is just as much about what you don’t buy as what you do buy. Reducing the amount of waste we generate by cutting down on excessive shopping is not only better for our planet (and easier on our wallets) but reducing the number of products we purchase also teaches our children the art of simplicity as well the value of moderation. ….read more.

*Kid Healthy 

  • Organic or pesticide-free
  • Food items are made from healthy and whole ingredients and do not include hydrogenated oils, trans-fats, artificial colors or flavors. The items have limited or ….read more.

*Planet Healthy 

  • Made with Earth-friendly practices, such as by organic farming
  • Preference given to locally grown or made goods (which alleviates environmental impact from shipping.) Get to know your local farmers and shop with them as often as possible.….read more.

*People Friendly

  • The people making the items earn fair wages and work in safe conditions (ideally, imported goods are certified Fair Trade) ….read more.


Bring a little green to your Halloween party right from the start by avoiding paper invitations as well as the cost of postage by using free online sources such as www.evite.comor You can also make your own digital invitation. If you would like to send an invitation through the mail, make your own from recycled cards and magazines or use tree-free paper products such as hemp or even paper made from elephant dung.


Green Halloween food can be fun to prepare as well as to eat. When purchasing food for your Halloween party, look for foods that are organic, whole and, if possible, local. Going meatless also reduces environmental impact on the planet. Be sure to compost or recycle your food scraps, including your leftover pumpkins (which can be cooked and eaten if they are not left out on your porch for too long).….read more.

Our favorite: Conjure community fun. Instead of trick-or-treating, how about organizing a progressive party with 3 or more of your neighbors? With the kids already in costume, start at one house, where the kids will do one activity and eat one course of food and then walk with the whole gang to the next house, where everyone will enjoy the next activity. (For younger kids, limit the number homes to no more than three.) Be sure to let your kids ring the door-bell at each house and shout “Trick-or-Treat!”, “Trick-or-treasure!” or “Happy Halloween/Hallogreen!” ….read more.
Another great idea. Give a party for those in need. Helping our children understand how fortunate they are and how others may not have quite so much can be a feature of every celebration. Halloween is the perfect opportunity for you, your neighbors and the children, to host a Halloween party for those who are less fortunate. A senior center or retirement community might welcome a bunch of little goblins dressed up and celebrating with them.
….read more.

For more great green decorating ideas, click here or check out our new book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family.