Moms, You Are Going to Fall in Love with This Subscription Service

Crawling, walking, touching and feeling. Your home is a hot bed for your child’s curiosity to abound, but it also means that keeping your household healthy and safe is extra important once your kids are on the move. Grove Collaborative shares your mission. They’re a customizable auto-shipment service, which delivers a wide array of sustainable household and personal care essentials that are great for you and your family, your home and the planet, too. Read on to discover why this is one collaboration you definitely want to join.

New customers who spend $20 get a FREE Home Essentials Kit, a $30 value.

What Grove Collaborative Is All About
From the hand soap we use to the lip balm we wear when we kiss our babes, it takes energy to ensure everything we use is safe, natural and, ideally, reasonably priced. Grove Collaborative’s Grove Standard shares these same principles. All of Grove’s products are healthy and effective, eco-friendly and affordable.

As a parent and consumer, you can rest assured that Grove has already checked every ingredient and tested each product in order to tell you how it aligns with their Grove Values—perhaps for being Non-GMO, Paraben-free or for using responsible packaging—and exactly what they love about it (shade-grown, solar-roasted coffee, anyone?). Translation: Grove did the research for you, which means you can use that energy to spend on actual homework.

How It Works
Shop the leading natural brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, Method and Zarbee’s and discover new ones like Counter Culture, Full Circle and Earth Mama Organics, to name a few. With customizable shipments, that healthy lifestyle we all strive for is accessible and effortless. Here are a few reasons why Grove Collaborative will make your life easier:

• You control refills, frequency of delivery (the default is monthly), and adjust what you receive as you go. They’ll even send you convenient monthly reminders to restock so you never run out.

• There is no requirement to order every month and you set the frequency of product shipments. For example, designate Method Laundry Detergent to arrive every two months, but ask for Seventh Generation Baby Wipes to ship every month.

• When your home care package arrives, it contains just what you need, when you need it. No surprises here and no last-minute trips to the store.

• Everyone in the family has been thought of, including dads and pets, too!

What’s Inside Your Box
Grove Collaborative isn’t just imagining a better world for our kids, but they’re creating a reality where every product we use can actually be good for the planet. That global philosophy is distilled into our homes whenever Grove’s healthy household essentials arrive at the door, such as cleaning products for the house, bath soap for baby, biodegradable bandages for the kids, or some Nourishing Coconut Skin Superfood by the Grove Collaborative brand just for you. Whether you’re already a seasoned natural products guru or looking to learn more about sustainability, Grove is an easy and enjoyable one-stop shop.

Other Perks of Going Green with Grove Collaborative
One way Grove offsets the carbon footprint that comes with shipping is by dedicating a portion of every shipment to the Arbor Day Foundation. Their goal is an impressive one—to plant one million new trees over the next three years. Grove’s packaging also prioritizes post-consumer materials and has helped to earn Grove Collaborative its Certified B Corporation status for doing good for people, animals, communities and the planet. And, the fact that your first order ships for free is a pretty sweet perk, too.

New customers who spend $20 get a FREE Home Essentials Kit, a $30 value.

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini

all photos courtesy of Grove Collaborative


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