Fall Meals Made Easy with Ends+Stems

Chef Alison, mom of two, designed Ends+Stems Meal Planning to make dinner easier. Use code REDHOT for 20% off September

Ends+Stems’ goals are: 1) Help you know what to buy and cook,  2) Make weeknight dinners easier + delicious;  3) Reduce food waste, a daily action for a healthier planet and our future.

They have meals for all diets. Most recipes are 30 minutes or less. Simply check the dashboard on Fridays for the new menu. Confirm or make changes to your meals. One click to confirm shows you the grocery list. You can shop at your favorite stores and desired price point. Option weekend Prep-Ahead List gets you off on the right foot. Each night, follow the easy instructions for a home-cooked family meal. It’s the convenience of a meal kit with less waste and groceries purchased from your stores.

Start a new habit this year with the whole family. Let Ends+Stems do that mental workload, you simply cook and teach your kids about our part in making the world a better place.


Online: endsandstems.com