Happiness at Smart Love Preschool!

At Smart Love Preschool, we emphasize every child’s inherent eagerness to explore and discover their world. Our project-based play curriculum focuses on social and emotional development and is designed to meet children where they are at. Our highly-trained teachers nurture relationships with every child, aiming to understand what they find fascinating, how they like to learn, and what makes them happy – all the while engaging children in play and encouraing them to explore. This combination of knowledge and connectoin create a learning environment like none other.

At Smart Love, we understand that when children feel happy, confident, and curious in a classroom, learning becomes a joy-shaping how they feel about school in the future.

We offer Playschool for 2s & 3s and Preschool for children ages 3 through 6 years. Click here to learn about our Garden & Nature Program; here to learn more about our Philosophy & Approach, and here to learn about our project-based play curriculum.

Smart Love Preschool is accepting applications for the 2022/2023 school and offers a virtual open house monthly. Learn more here!

Smart Love Preschool
2222 N Kedzie Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647
Email: preschooladmissions@smartlovefamily.org
Phone: 773-665-8052 ext.1
Online: http://www.smartlovepreschool.org


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