Instituto Cervantes – Summer Camps

Photo by: @goodphoto

The Instituto Cervantes program is designed to provide children of different ages the opportunity to learn Spanish in a rich, stimulating, and motivating environment that fosters enjoyment and curiosity.

Children will learn Spanish in a safe atmosphere where they will feel comfortable and free to actively participate. Students will be nurtured and encouraged to communicate in Spanish and work in collaborative groups – promoting cooperation, group effort, and authentic communication.


The goal of the Instituto Cervantes 2021 Summer Camps is to offer our students and their families the same fun and educational Spanish-learning experience adapted to a digital environment.

ZOOM will be the digital platform used for the 2021 Summer Camps. Teachers will create a recurring invite for each week of the camp so that families can access daily sessions through the same link every day.

The learning objectives of each lesson will be shared with parents at the beginning of each session (or week) along with the specific contents and the materials that will be needed each day.

Summer camps may be held in-person if the health Authority allows it.

Instituto Cervantes Chicago
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