Piano, Art & Guitar-Live Online Lessons

All kids have extraordinary talents that make them unique. We at Pixical aim to nurture their interests and promote creativity. We believe that education should lead to the overall development of the children by exploring their broader interest and nurturing it. Pixical is a live learning platform specially introduced in this direction for modern-day learners aged 5 to 15.

Our mission is to create a perfect blend of technology and education that reinvents how students learn a new skill, and most importantly, have fun doing it. Pixical covers an array of skills like art, piano, guitar, chess, vocals, and many more. We strive to remove barriers of distance, time & boredom to help children enjoy the learning process.

We have the best teachers on board, who have excellent teaching skills & finer aspects of working with young children. Our Programs are chaired by professors with over 20+ years of experience hailing from the likes of Julliard, Berklee College of Music and NYU.

We have different class structures with modern pedagogy for parents to select one that best fits their child’s learning style. We leave no stone unturned to create an experiential learning environment that is loved by parents and learners alike.

Better Ed Co.
Email: classes@pixical.us
Phone: +14154497701
Online: https://bit.ly/TinyBeans_SF