SVOLTA “Mega” and “Legend” Scooters

Photo by: Kyle Goldberg

Little kids with big ambitions can take the lead on a SVOLTA “Mega” 3-Wheel scooter. Riding on three wheels provides stability for younger children, allowing them the confidence to scoot while learning to balance.

Riders, ages 6+, look to the “Legend” 2-wheel kick scooter for a splashier ride. With champagne gold accents and lightning bolt grip tape, boys and girls alike enjoy the premium look and feel of this scooter. The “Legend” offers extra speed and a smooth ride.

The “Ace” 2-in-1 sit and stand scooter (not pictured) is designed for the youngest riders, ages 1 to 5. “Ace” scooters accommodate toddlers as they’re starting to stand-scoot, but may not have the stamina to make their way all the way around the track.

Reinforced decks and adjustable t-bar heights allow “Ace” “Mega” and “Legend” scooters to grow with riders.