The Adventurous Eaters Club Cookbook

Photo by: Michele M. Waite

Join us on a food adventure! In The Adventurous Eaters Club, TV star Misha Collins and his wife, journalist and historian Vicki Collins, empower families to become mealtime adventurers so kids can build lifelong relationships with real, nutritious food.

More than an ordinary “cookbook”, The Adventurous Eaters Club is a playful guide that makes it easy and fun for families to enjoy meal preparation together. Combining personal anecdotes, practical tips from experts, and over 100 creative, delicious, whimsical recipes little hands can help prepare, The Adventurous Eaters Club offers readers all the support, encouragement, and advice they need to transform their kids into courageous, curious, and healthy eaters.

Filled with beautiful, fun images from Misha & Vicki’s own family kitchen and commentary from their two young children, this book helps even the busiest of parents end mealtime battles and recalibrate the palates of even the “pickiest” eaters, turning the kitchen and dining table into joyful spaces where families can strengthen their bonds and build lasting memories together.

Adventurous Eaters Club