Get a Pair! Hacks to Keep Your Socks Together

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Did you know you have orphans at home? Orphan socks that is! Chances are each time your dirty clothes hit the wash your clean clothes emerge with a missing sock. While it’s a mystery where these single socks go—we like to think they’re all hanging out together in orphan sock paradise with no flip flops in sight—we did come up with five handy hacks to keep your pairs together in the future. Read on and then share your tricks for avoiding a sock orphanage.

1. Delicates aren’t the only clothes that belong in mesh containers. Next time you do laundry put your socks in one large mesh container (like this one) and zip it up. Putting all of your socks in one place before even hitting the washing machine will help cut down on those orphaned socks once you start folding your clean clothes.

2. For a DIY way to keep your pairs together, use safety pins or binder clips to affix single socks with its mate.

3. Or, go the store-bought route with sockTABs (sound familiar? You might recognize this product from Shark Tank). Simply place a tab into each pair of socks you own. When you put your dirty socks in the hamper pinch them together with the tab. Learn more and buy them here.

4. Inevitably you’ll end up with an orphan sock. Don’t stuff it in the back of your dresser just yet! Put all of your lonesome socks in a shoebox or in one place so its match is easy to find (if you’re lucky enough to ever track it down!).

5. Truth: Zany socks are fun. But if you’re really looking for a no-work way to not lose socks simply buy socks all in one color or style.

Do you have any tips or hacks to add? Leave a comment for our community below! Our orphan socks thank you in advance.

copy by Erin Lem; photo Trevor King via flickr