Halloween Ball Painting

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Looking for a toddler friendly art project to add to your Halloween decor? This oversized version of marble painting is a super fun and easy way to create a spooky web-like design.


• Large box, pan, or even a kiddie pool (if you want to go really big).
• Large piece of paper
• Black and orange paint in separate bowls
• Medium to large ball or balls (golf ball, tennis ball, etc.)


• Place paper in box
• Drop balls in paint and get them nice and covered
• Transfer balls to box and roll around- it’s that easy!
• If you have a large box or kiddie pool, you may need a few children to hold it up.
• Everyone can work together to move the balls around in the box, creating a Halloween-inspired work of art!

This is guest post from our friend and partner blogger, Megan Schiller, who teaches toddler art classes at the Make+Believe children’s art studio, located at the new GROW art & garden education center in Mill Valley. For more toddler art ideas or to find out about classes, check out her blog at www.makeplusbelieve.blogspot.com.