National Costume Swap Day: Trade in Your Costumes for a New One

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Second to the candy haul your kids take in Halloween night is finding the perfect Halloween costume. Make your Halloween costume shopping easy this year at National Costume Swap Day where you’ll be able to trade in last year’s outfit for an even cooler one that’ll surely impress. Read on to discover all about the best swap meet you’ll attend this year.


Since we first told you about  Green Halloween, a Seattle-based non-profit started by a mother-daughter team, they have expanded to cities all over the country.  Their mission? To offer eco-friendly and healthier alternatives in place of the traditional massive candy consumption (and waste) surrounding the holiday.

This year, in collaboration with and KIWI Magazine, Green Halloween encourages parents to take part in National Costume Swap Day on Saturday, October 12, 2013. While each swap operates slightly differently, the end goal of providing a fun and eco-friendlier Halloween is the same. The swaps are happening at a variety of locations, some at consignment shops, or neighborhood baby gyms.

Like the idea? Find a swap near you or host one of your own and register it on the site. It’s easy to do and is a great idea for schools, moms groups and more. Check out Green Halloween for more ideas on having your very own Green Halloween (party ideas, trick-or treat options and more) and in the meantime, round up those excess ladybug, bunny, and pirate costumes and get ready to swap!


Are you planning on attending a Halloween costume swap this year? What are other ways you and your little ones create a green Halloween? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

photo credit: Jinx!  and Philip Dean via Flickr