Happy Mom Tip #7: Celebrate a Mistake

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This Week’s Tip: Celebrate a Mistake

Mistakes are a sign that we are putting ourselves out there and challenging ourselves;often, they are an important part of learning something new.  Successful people are good at picking themselves up when they falter.  When we celebrate our mistakes (rather than ruminating about them, or concealing them) we avoid the fear of failure that can inhibit our growth and happiness.

This week, embrace as many mistakes around you as you can.  What did you learn from that blunder?  How will you do things differently next time?  And don’t forget to celebrate your children’s mistakes–learning how to recover from an embarrassing moment or minor failure is an important life skill.

We’ve teamed up with  our friend Christine Carter,  to bring you 52 simple tips (one each Monday!) on bringing joy and happiness into your own Mommyhood. Get more happiness tips by taking the Raising Happiness class or by reading Christine’s blog.

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