Happy Mom Tip #23: Expose Yourself to Someone Else’s Pain

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This week’s tip: Expose yourself to someone else’s pain.

Often, we avoid pain (our own or others’) in an attempt to be happy. But when we ignore or deny another person’s pain, we miss an opportunity to feel good. Yes, you read that right: Compassion is a complex positive emotion, and when we feel it, our well-being often improves.

When we witness suffering and compassion, our vagus nerve fires. While this might sound scary, an active vagus nerve is actually a quick ticket to well-being. When our vagus nerve is activated, we feel calm. Our heart rate slows, and our immune system is enhanced. So today, let yourself feel compassion for another person.


We’ve teamed up with  our friend Christine Carter, to bring you 52 simple tips (one each Monday!) on bringing joy and happiness into your own Mommyhood. Get more happiness tips by taking the Raising Happiness class or by reading Christine’s blog.

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