Here’s How to Be Smarter Than Your Supermarket’s Tricks

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Maybe you already know that you’re likely to buy more groceries when you shop on an empty stomach, but what else is making you burn through the bucks at the supermarket? Reader’s Digest recently published a list of “50 Supermarket Tricks You Still Fall For,” and our guess is you don’t know some of them, including:

Shopping carts are getting bigger for a reason: “We doubled their size as a test, and customers bought 19 percent more,” marketing consultant Martin Lindstrom told the magazine.

The produce department is at the front of the store because “its bright colors put you in a good mood and inspire you to buy more,” according to grocery industry expert Phil Lempert, who recommended that shoppers instead start shopping in the middle of the store if they want to save money.

The mist that’s sprayed on your fruits and veggies makes the food look better, but can also make it go bad quicker (which will send you right back to the store). So be sure to dry off your produce when you get home.

Grocery stores aren’t always the best places to buy milk. It’s generally cheaper at drugstores and convenience stores, sometimes by as much as 30 to 50 cents less per gallon.

You get your bread in a paper bag because it makes it go stale faster (which means you’ll be back for more), a former grocery store baker told the magazine.

Shop during non-peak shopping times. Studies show shoppers buy more on crowded shopping days. Try Monday and Tuesday, which are reportedly the least crowded days at the stores.

Want more? Read the full article here.

Do you have any grocery store money saving tips or tricks? Share them with us in the comments below.

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