This Incredible High Tech Coloring Pad for Kids Makes Saving Art Easy

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photo: The Color Notebook by Rocketbook via Kickstarter

Do you struggle with what to do with your kids’ endless but treasured heaps of artwork? Are you always scrambling to find more paper and more drawing pads for you promising Picassos? A new notebook (that’s already fully funded) on Kickstarter is hoping to end your struggles for good.

The Color Notebook looks and acts like a regular notebook; with one simple difference: all of the pages are formulated to allow kids to doodle with dry erase markers, colored pencils or crayons — and then wipe their drawings away.

But there’s more: if you want to save your little artists’ masterpieces, you can snap a photo of their work and the Rocketbook app will scan, enhance and send each drawing to your cloud storage or e-mail address of choice. Then, just wipe your canvas clean and start all over again.

“Every day, children’s artwork is neglected, crumpled, and abandoned,” says the promotional video on the Color Notebook’s Kickstarter page. “Back this campaign and send your kids’ artwork to the cloud; not the trash.”

The notebooks have two grid pages for math; two blank pages for handwriting practice and eight pages for free-form drawing.

More than 1,400 people have already pledged more than $81,000 to the project; that’s far above the project’s initial $21,500 goal.  

Check out the video below to see the futuristic notebook at work.

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