10 Hilarious Pet Costumes Under $20 on Amazon

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While the rest of the family is getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating, don’t forget Rover! Whether your pup is part of the group costume or is going to stand out as the star, don’t let this Halloween pass you by without checking out these hilarious pet costumes. They’re all available on Amazon Prime and are $20 or less!


 Special delivery! Who doesn't love a visit from our favorite parcel service in brown? This UPS pal ($17) costume fits the iconic uniform into the perfect doggy-detailed costume. The shirt has holes for your pup's front legs and then faux arms holding a package, along with hat and chin strap.

Vampire Cat

If your kitty will allow you to dress them up for Halloween, this vampire cat costume ($12) is festive and fun. The cape ties on easily and you can't go wrong with the hilarious headband! 


Sushi anyone? If you're a lover of rolls or sashimi then this pet sushi costume ($12-17) is for you. Not only does this costume come with a jumpsuit and Japanese-inspired headband, but the maker offers coordinating people costumes too! Search for "Rubie's costumes" when you're doing your shopping on Amazon!


We admit, the cat in this photo doesn't look too pleased, but we also can't stop laughing at this octopus costume ($11). The purple felt is lightweight and easy to fasten––if your cat will let you near him!

Star Wars Bantha

Star Wars lovers will jump at the chance to dress up doggy as a Bantha ($20) this year. That mammoth-like creature is a vehicle for the sand people and this costume is the complete package! Created as a shirt, this getup comes with a rider and hood that looks like the real deal.


Ahh, the mythical cat unicorn ($15) makes her appearance this Halloween! This soft fleece costume with the colorful mane works well for cats or small dogs, and is perfect for your pet's upcoming party lineup.


Under the sea! This hilarious Ariel costume ($16) for your pup includes the tail, shell bra top and red wig. All you need to supply is the dinglehopper. 


The doctor is in the house with this hilarious costume ($14). We all know cats are smarter than people (according to cats) and this one piece set proves it. It comes with faux arms attached to a body suit and a lab coat tail.

Puppy Latte

Coffee lovers, we've got the perfect costume for you! This puppy latte ($13-$20) embodies your java love, with it's ruffled bodysuit and headpiece. Don't forget your own cup of coffee when you peruse the neighborhood trick-or-treating––it's the perfect accessory!

Bat Girl

It's the year of comic super heros! Get your pooch in on the trend with a bat girl ($13-19) that rivals human costumes. The shiny dress comes with a skirt and belt, along with a headband and bat ears.



––Karly Wood

All Photos: Courtesy of Amazon/Feature Photo: Elias Castillo via Unsplash



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